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Northern Lights Strain

Northern Lights Strain

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Northern Lights, a pure Indica strain is one of the premiere Indica strain and considered as ‘the queen of Indica’. This Afghani plant attains heights among recreational and medical users as well as growers. The thick, resinous and dense buds of Northern Lights offer first-class medical value and very simple to grow. Like other Indica strains, it is also recommended to use in the evening time. First-time strain growers can definitely try this plant since it is very easy to grow, short time for flowering and you can get a large yield. 18% THC.


Pure Indica based Northern Lights strain gives highly sedative effects. It offers high on the body leads to numbness and lazy mood. The Psychoactive effects of this strain settle firm on your body relaxes your mind and body in dreamy euphoria. Experienced users of this strain claim this strain to improve your creative mind, focus, and happiness. You must try this strain definitely once you will love its spicy, earthy, pine, and sweet smell. The unique aroma of this seed gives a relaxing effect.


The Calming effect of Northern Lights roots out your stress and depression. The laziness after smoking this seed comforts the users to treat insomnia and pain. It helps in treating pain and loss of appetite. 

Where to Buy Northern Lights Strain Online?

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