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Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream

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Tangerine Dream is one of the Sativa rich hybrid strains extracted from cannabis. It has chunky and large flowers with a thick bud structure that makes it more of Indica variety than Sativa variety. This strain is the combination of Indica genetics and Sativa genetics with the ratio 70:30. The Indica dominant Tangerine Dream contains a large quantity of THC percentage blended with a small amount of CBD percentage. The huge THC content of Tangerine Dream flowers gives a potent high, fast-acting, and holds the best features of Sativa and Indica merging. 


The sticky buds of the Tangerine Dream produce more herbal odor. The chemical-like taste of this strain is more similar to diesel taste. While smoking Tangerine Dream, you can experience an instant head rush that gives buzz sense throughout your body.  Immediate outcomes of the Tangerine Dream include happiness feeling, creative and uplifted mood, and extreme euphoric.


This strain will give comforting and positive sensations that will energize and rejuvenate the smoker leading to intense happiness for a short time. It gives great relief to mood disorders. It is a perfect choice to get relief when suffering from anxiety and stress. It also relieves chronic pain, acnes, migraine and you can also experience relief from muscle tension. Order Tangerine Dream online and consume the right dosage for treating insomnia problem.

Where to Buy Tangerine Dream Online?

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