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Testimonials from Our Customers

  • Sultan Trump
    Sultan Trump

    I love Green Leaf Dispensary. Best customer service around with so much knowledge. I instantly feel welcomed and comfortable to ask all and any questions over the phone and I know I'm getting the highest quality product. LOVE their website layout. Easy to navigate and place an order.

  • Durk

    First time here. Different layout than I’m used to, the ordering online system. If you are a regular customer you will understand what am talking about but the staff was knowledgeable and the atmosphere was pretty chill when I went to pick up. I’ll place more others again for sure if I enjoy the flower I purchased. 

  • Janeth $
    Janeth $

    For a newbie like me, this place was awesome. Friendly, very knowledgeable staff (shout out to Anthony). I didn't feel like an idiot because of my lack of knowledge. I don't think I could have been treated any better. What really amazes me is their recent online ordering system. 

  • Haseeb Abdul
    Haseeb Abdul

    I love that I can order online and pick up in-store or curbside. The delivery service is also fast. As a medical patient, I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. 

  • Deborah 64
    Deborah 64

    Love this place and its people. Fast, efficient, and super friendly. Being able to order online and get exactly what I order for delivered. Great work guys. 

  • Shalon Miles
    Shalon Miles

    Might be helpful to put up a sign at the window for customers who have online orders to just step right up to the window instead of waiting at the line until someone at the window shows up. Just in case we want to pick up. Not all customers will like delivery. 

  • Cat Man
    Cat Man

    This is a great place, between staff to management to the quality of the product. I would recommend it to anyone from first-timers to friends, to loved ones. They also support an online order system which makes everything easier and awesome. 

  • Jezebel

    Today’s visit was very enjoyable I was able to bring in my dog for the first time. I wanted her to get a good smell and experience being in the dispensary. I was checked in by Robert and always great to see him the same as him and the rest of the Green Leaf Dispensary crew. The COVID-19 period has been had on us but the staff here ensure that all the patients get medications without even coming to the store. 

  • YRN Gucci
    YRN Gucci

    Super quick and really good weed!

  • BadBoy Smile
    BadBoy Smile

    Nice People and trees. Thats what you will find when you are Green Leaf Dispensary. I just enjoy thier online services. 

  • Santana

    Honestly, have never been so pleased with the shipping and delivery service! Insanely fast and I can track my order on my end.

  • Mystical P
    Mystical P

    Awesome. I received my order this morning exactly at my address and I could not believe. Sorry for all the insults I threw at your customeer service agaent, Anthony, I was just frustrated and be expecting my next order. 

  • Lionel Banks
    Lionel Banks

    I'm new to the area and tried their delivery service. Super smooth transaction. They texted me every step of the process and when the driver would be here. The driver was super awesome and personable and I would 100% recommend their quality.

  • Owen Miles
    Owen Miles

    I've used Green Leaf Dispensay several times. I 420 in spurts. They have always been helpful, friendly, professional, and stand behind all of that. Most recently, Andrew and Daniel helped me. Might sound like a dork but I trust Green Leaf Dispensary and recommend them highly. Cheers!

  • Desmond Elliot
    Desmond Elliot

    Not only are their drivers awesome but whoever is behind the texting is awesome as well. The worst experience I've had was a faulty vape cartridge that they had a driver bring out a replacement for and had me try to make sure it worked (they had someone out less than 30 minutes after I texted). Deliveries are always faster than I expect and other than their GPS being wrong every time (not their fault) and sending them a door down they're pretty much perfect. The only real negative is that they randomly keep taking off the kiva cookies my fiance and I like it! (btw bring back the toffee ones guys that were the single best cookie ever WHERE DID IT GO)

  • Derrick Milner
    Derrick Milner

    My wife just ordered and we make a habit of gratitude by leaving good reviews for businesses that treat us well. I have to say this place is top-notch. They were so helpful while we both took our time to decide on what we wanted to order. Before we knew it the delivery arrived and we are happy!! They had change for us and the driver even took the time to tell us how to fit our vape pens on the battery. Thanks to these lovely people for their service and dedication to the customer. We need more businesses like Green Leaf Dispensary out there!

  • Harden Kate
    Harden Kate

    Can't say enough good things! Quality tested products, great staff, and quick deliveries. They make the choice easy! I actually don't have to drive for about 30 minutes to pick up my package from work, you guys do all the job. Thanks Green Leaf Dispensary Store. 

  • Emily

    I loved the customer service and delivery staff!!!

  • Jeremiah

    Green Leaf Dispensary Store provides quite honestly the best delivery services. They have a very friendly and knowledgeable staff . Along with their amazing selection of flower, their other products continue to blows me away every time I’ve ordered lol . I could definitely consider them the best Bud Shipping and Delivery service in this region.

  • Jessica Brains
    Jessica Brains

    Is nothing not to like. Service is always fast and efficient. Where would we be with Green Leaf  Dispensary Store?. Prolly losing our mind. Lol

  • Felix West
    Felix West

    Customer Service was very helpful, Thank you

    Your service has been excellent for me. I live in Dublin, Ireland and receive two cancer prescriptions from you. Both of these are essential medications for me that are not available in Ireland.

  • Benadeth Calies
    Benadeth Calies

    Good price, great service. Very helpful customer service
    You folks are wonderful to work with, I'm so glad my Doctor recommended I find you.

  • Remond Douglas
    Remond Douglas

    Easy order process without problem
    Appreciate that you now provide tracking information. Thank you! Your service has always been wonderful!. Shopping at Green Leaf Dispensary Store is easy, quick, and reliable. I recommend them to everyone.

  • Laurent Smith
    Laurent Smith

    The customer service rep too me step by step when I placed my first prescription. Courteous, helpful and was able to guide me through still my order was confirmed and delivery was quick after payment.

  • Gray Frost
    Gray Frost

    I have been using Green Leaf Dispensary Store for years. They are fast and efficient and have amazing prices. Very smooth transaction... quick delivery, never any issues ! Fast, easy, staff always very polite and helpful.

  • xxxten

    Found  Crystal Meth wow 

  • Radesh

    This the first time I tried and I wasn't expecting such a good experience but these guys gave me it. 

    Hi India 

  • Boss Lady
    Boss Lady

    3/5 I need you guys to improve on your services. 

  • sim

    Best buds, good delivery, prices are equally high but fit to product quality. 50/50

  • Bruno

    These guys are legit. On God 

  • Melica

    This service is legit. I’ve tried all of the “big” vendors' websites and Green Leaf Dispensary Store has been the best of the bunch. Great product, great price, and quick communication.

  • Dan

    I got a little delay to receive my package but it finally came through. Maybe it's because am high as fuck while writing this review devil

  • Don

    Excellent service, hooked me up when no one else would. I can recommend highly enough!

  • Wayne

    Great experience. All of it. Delivery was a breeze, the product was great, and prices are pretty standard. Definitely a good go-to.

  • Jane

    These guys are great I'm visiting my parents out in the boonies and I was delivered here in no time flat!! I highly recommend this website, really nice and professional. I will be doing more business with them! Thank you so much again you guys are a lifesaver!

  • Tray Williams
    Tray Williams

    Speedy Professional, everything you would expect.

  • Yung

    Great service, excellent product and cares about the consumer. Awesome vendor and will continue to use. laugh

  • Donal

    Very pleased with HB. I reached out and got a prompt and professional reply. Delivery was quick and easy. Very reasonable prices. I will use again.

  • Bentle

    Impeccable service, extremely prompt, cordial and the product is top shelf. The transaction was effortless, and the vendor is awesome. Prices are great, no reason to shop elsewhere. A+++

  • Anthony

    I bought the products from you guys and it was good quality so i will surely suggest your online shop to my friends also. Its safe and secure to buy from you and payment methods are convenient. 

  • Jenny

    There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain. Here I find what I need to relief all this world stress and pains. 

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