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AK Diesel

AK Diesel

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AK diesel also is known as sour diesel is a Sativa dominant strain. it is extremely popular due to fuel like the smell of its flowers. this is a potent strain with a high THC content measured around 20% to 25%. sour diesel is also known as the hungry plant as it takes lots of feeding. it tastes tangy fuel like with hints of orange and pine overall it’s a strong kind of strain, unlike some sweet candy ones.


 Due to its high content THC, it gives stronger effects on its smokers. users claim that it has couch locking quality with a relaxed state of mind washing away all stress, worries, depression, anxiety, pain, and whatnot. many patients are recommended this strain for treating many diseases. however, hard strains like this should not be consumed excessively or else it may be too harsh on consumer's bodies.


 Use it for smoking joints, chillum, or eat it directly ( but it is a  popular method ) if you like this strain you can even cultivate it. this strain takes around 10 weeks to start flowering in indoor or outdoor situation it is a high yield crop. growers can expect around 50 grams per square foot of plant.

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