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Jack Frost

Jack Frost

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This potent hybrid is a cross between Jack Herer (Sativa strain), White Widow(hybrid), and Northern Lights #5(Indica). It has a well-balanced Indica and Sativa ratio of 50%-50%. These fluffy green trichomes look like a typical snowy Christmas tree. This has a pleasant aroma of citrus and Oak and tastes earthy with hints of sweet lemon. It has a strong THC content ranging between 15-20% and a CBD of 0.3%. The plants grow indoors and outdoors and have a 55-60 days flowering cycle.


It induces a strong feeling of euphoria, relaxes your body, and speeds up your mind, increases your stamina, and uplifts your mood. This can make you more focussed and creative. If you are planning to spend a lazy day chilling out with friends this can possibly be the best option for you as it can give you the happy-high feeling which you were longing for.

Medically it is used for treating chronic pains, fatigue, PTSD, depression, and anxiety.  It produces a calming effect on neurological patients. However, excessive consumption can cause dry mouth, dry eyes, headache, and dizziness.   


This is commonly smoked through a pipe, joint or bong to dilute the THC. This can also be vaped and can be consumed as edible forms, tincture, or concentrate.   

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