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Merciful Brownie

Merciful Brownie

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This merciful brownie is a moist and delicious brownie made from unsweetened cocoa powder. It is dark and rich its semi-sweet taste is perfect for those too who don’t like to consume excess sugary food. This brownie is thick square-shaped with syrups of vanilla and chocolate spread all around it making it look extremely appealing and delicious. It is made of all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, grounded sugar, and some other ingredients. 


It contains around 100mg of THC which means this is not a regular brownie available at cafes near your home. This food can give you a moderate-high effect on the mind as it contains marijuana extracts which makes it even helpful for some patients by treating certain diseases and cure pain.


As it is a sweet dessert, its primary use is to be consumed in the form of snacks product but as it contains THC, therefore, it becomes a medicinal food so you can use it in that sense too if you want to get the benefits of the powerful called marijuana but don’t like to smoke this product can be a good alternative for you. This product is not recommended for children’s so make sure they don’t use it.

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