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Cannabis Indica is the most widely used strain of Cannabis having medicinal and recreational purposes due to its high physical body. They are believed to have higher concentrations of cannabidiol and THC rather than cannabis itself, therefore it produces more effects in the body to reduce anxiety levels, insomnia, and to increase relaxation. 

It has its own unique Morphology, plant type, leaf size & some other features.


Cannabis Indica has been found to be originated in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Turkey, and Tibet. They have acclimatized themselves to the harsh and dry conditions of the Hindu Kush Mountains.

For the first time in history, Jean Baptist Lamark ( A botanist) discovered in India back in 1785, a description of his new species. Since the species were discovered in India, therefore his used the prefix “ Ind ” in the name Indica.

Physical Appearance

These plants have a short texture (2-6ft). They consist of green-black leaves that have blades that grow wide and broad and show fast growth. Because they are short and bushy, Indica strains are very best suited for growing indoors. Indicas have different flavor profiles e.g., for citrus, pines, grapes, berry and other dark fruits.

They have the capability to produce Resins in large amounts in order to protect themselves from the harsh climate conditions in mountain regions.

Life Cycle of Flowering Cycle of Indica

The life cycle of Indica mainly consists of two phases:

  1. Vegetation Phase: Also called the growth and development phase in which the plant continues to grow in size and weight periodically. It usually occurs during the long photoperiod when plants have long days and short nights. When short days and long nights appear, it's a sign that the plant has to undergo the flowering phase.
  2. Flowering Phase: Lasts for 8-10 weeks. Inward and outward growth starts gradually. When the plant has used its energy too entirety, the growth ceases.

Potent strains of Indica

Indica’s strains are widely used for medicinal uses. A famous strain is Royal Cookies, which have about 24% THC content in them. It produces senses of euphoria and muscle relaxation. Another strain includes Bubble Kush which has a THC content of 15%. It creates natural bliss along with highness.

Common effects & Benefits 

Indica strains usually have a higher CBD to THC ratio. The moderate and equal CBD/THC ratio is helpful in relieving pains such as headaches and body pains. You can use Indica strains to treat anxiety, stress, and tension. Indica has the capability to increase appetite and to reduce seizures sand spasms.

Side effects

Everything has its benefits if it comes to proper usage. But if used in excess or abuse, it can lead to several side effects that may cause some serious health concerns e.g., mood swings, anxiety issues, depression, behavioral changes.

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