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Pain Killers

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Pain killers or pain relievers are medications that suppress or relieve the painful sensation. It is a very atomized market segment with an important presence of generics. Pain, which can be defined as an unpleasant sensory or emotional experience, accompanies innumerable pathologies of very different etiology and severity.

How it works

The special receptors of painful sensations are free nerve endings. Painful impulses of both somatic and visceral structures are transmitted to the brain by the corresponding nerves and spinal cord structures.

Pain classifications

There are numerous pain classifications, although none of them have been imposed because they are essentially complementary.

The etiological classification is based on the origin of the disease that causes pain. We speak then of mechanical, degenerative, post-traumatic, neoplastic pain, etc.

Depending on the duration, we will talk about acute pain (a few days or a few weeks) and chronic pain, when it persists for longer, several months or years.

Regarding the place of origin of the pain, we can differentiate between somatic superficial pain (the one that is born in the skin), deep somatic (the one that originates in the muscles, tendons, joints, etc.), and deep visceral (the one that occurs in the internal organs).

Considering the intensity of pain, there is talk of pain of a mild, moderate, intense or severe and very intense character.

Pain killers or pain relievers are those medications capable of suppressing or relieving the painful sensation. However, it should be remembered that in the face of constant and persistent pain it is important not to take painkillers until you know exactly the origin of this pain.

How to Use Pain Killer Safely

Some medications that relieve pain can be obtained without a prescription, such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin. Taken alone or in combination they do not register any danger, as long as the side effects are taken into account and the indications of the leaflet are followed to the letter. When it is necessary to take a higher dose, the prescription of a physician is essential.

Side Effects

Taking a dose of analgesics higher than recommended or for longer than prescribed may cause harmful consequences for the heart, kidneys, nervous system, liver or gastrointestinal mucosa.

Although these drugs share properties, their level of effectiveness and toxicity is different in each individual. These two variables are also different depending on the schedule in which they are administered, if taken in combination with other drugs and, even, depending on age. In a person over 65 with a chronic disease, the toxic potential is multiplied. Most studies with analgesics select young and healthy volunteers, so their harmful effects on other population groups are unknown.

In addition to the aforementioned adverse effects , some people are, or may be, allergic to certain medications or any of their components. When a strange reaction occurs after taking a drug, the family doctor must be informed before ingesting any other medicine. The first signs they put on the trail of an allergic reaction are: generalized hives, inflammation and itching and respiratory distress. Given these symptoms, it is essential to see a doctor in a hurry

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