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Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash

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Bubble Hash is a refined Cannabis Concentrate with 30-60% of THC. They’re also called Bubble Hash bags because of the usage of ice and water. When consumed or exposed to flame, bubble hash the ability to form bubbles, hence the name bubble hash. Its colour ranges from golden yellow to a darker colour. It is sold in solid forms as well as paste-like forms in dark brown or black in colour. Bubble Hash is made through an extraction process whose end product is Trichomes, which are mushroom-like nodules with THC content. Trichomes are first separated from the flowers of the cannabis plant with ice and water by a freezing process. They are then filtered out of the water, dried and packaged carefully.


Bubble Hash bags possess high consistency. Bubbles in the bubble hash, due to their high terpene contents, have to capability to produce the feelings of “euphoria”. Bubble Hash is used to providing you with Highness and feelings of consciousness. 


 It can be consumed through vaping, smoking, dabbing, bong, pipes etc. When you smoke bubble hash, you will notice that there are no hangover effects because it is rich in THC and is solventless. The best way to use is by Dabbing, through dabbing, the concentration of terpenes can be preserved so that you can enjoy for flavour.

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