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The term hybrid comes from the Latin word hybrida, used for crosses. In the 19th century, the word came into common use in English, although records of its use have been found from the early 17th century. The hybrid is the product of crossbreeding between two animals or plants of different species, or between animals belonging to different species of the same genus, separate subspecies within the same species, or different genera. Extremely rare hybrids, such as the guineafowl hybrids, are common among individuals from different groups. 

Hybrids are widely developed and chosen in plant and animal breeding since they have undiscovered or contradictory desirable traits in the parent individuals or populations. This hybridization is productive and helps people to build unique plants and animals of significant value, such as a more disease-resistant plant or unusual-beauty flowers.

Different forms of Hybrid

  • Single Cross Hybrid: The mating between two purebred lines results in single cross hybrids and creates an F1 generation called an F1 hybrid.
  • Double Cross Hybrid: The cross between two separate F1 hybrids results in double-crossing hybrids
  • Three-way Cross Hybrid: Three-way cross hybrids benefit from a cross between a parent F1 hybrid and a built-in line.
  • Triple Cross Hybrid: The product of the fusion of two separate three-way cross hybrids is triple cross hybrids.
  • Population Hybrid: Population hybrids are the product of plants or animals bisecting within a group with a different group. These include switches among species such as interspecific hybrids, or crosses between races of difference.

Plant species are more readily hybridized than animal species, and the resultant hybrids are much more fertile hybrids and can reproduce. Sterile hybrids and selective hybrid removal also occur, where the offspring were less able to sustain and are therefore killed before they can reproduce.

Hybridization advantages include passing along favorable characteristics and extending an endangered species ' survival, but a disadvantage is that hybrid creatures have more trouble finding mates and successfully reproducing them.

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