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Tessa Kush

Tessa Kush

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Tessa Kush has large and broad leaves having scalps on the nooks. Genetically it is a cross of blue/blackberry and Dynomite. Talking about its smell, it has a fruity and pebble sweet smell which makes it much enjoyable. In appearances, it is dark purple a soothing color. Essentially it is smoked during night time because it possesses a black narcotic effect in it the purple Tessa Indica is in most abundant form. 20% THC. 


Coming on to the effects of Tessa Kush,

Tessa Kush is an Indica strain having many medicinal effects. It has many medicinal effects on muscles and along with all those it also used as a pain relaxant. Muscles get stiffed if they are in regular use, So, if muscles are stiffer than other issues are very much long-lasting with the body and person is unable to work. Tessa Kush can deal with this problem as it releases the muscles from stiffness. 


It is very good for muscle ache and muscle pain as well. It is potent medicine for muscles, every type of muscle pain, ache, stiffness, and muscle fatigue can be treated by Tessa Kush. 

Where to Buy Tessa Kush Online

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