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Mountain Man Cake

Mountain Man Cake

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The Mountain Man Cake is the amazingly best-infused product of Marijuana. It is just like regular cakes with a little high amount of cocoa powder. It has a surprisingly delicious taste. And this marijuana cake contains a sufficient amount of THC. It has a moist texture and aromatic smell. The THC ratio is 15-18%. THC ration can be increased or decreased, it depends on your demand.


Our Mountain Man Cake is enough for you to get potent high. It is strong enough to produce “euphoria”. You can take them after the meal. To create buzz and mind relieving, you can eat before the meal as well. But make sure to seek information from your health consultant. Since it is edible, it can hours to appear the effects. It is used to treat anxiety, stress, and headache.


The ingredients for making Mountain man Cake are readily available and cheap in rates. They include flour, eggs, peanut butter, cannabutter, vanilla extract, and sugar. All these ingredients are combined by stirring in a bowel. They are stored in the double-sealed containers and can be used for about a week. Some different flavors of chocolate can also be used such as chocolate dough, tootsie roll, chocolate haze, white chocolate, and supergirl chocolate.

Where to buy Mountain Man Cake Online?

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