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Moolah Strain

Moolah Strain

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Moolah strain is green and dark purple colour bud. This hybrid consists of high India content getting its parenting from sense stay, belladonna and  OG kush this marijuana strain contains high THC level which creates a strong effect on consumption it has a nice pine flavour taste similar to that of OG kush with a pungent aroma mix of strong pine and diesel smell giving its users pleasing experience and relaxing intoxication. 20% THC. 


This most highlighted effect of this strain is that it produces deep sleep by making you feel drowsy  which shows that it should only be used during the night using this drug during day time make you feel lazy and less motivated this is beat for patients suffering from insomnia, arthritis ache and other minor pains, Moolah strain effects last for around 2 hours after smoking  it however it may cause dry mouth and eyes 


Use it for smoking its strong kind of effect is liked by heavy smokers for parties  or getting stoned at home alone use it in joints or chillum which suits your style but hard strains like this one come with a caution: it's not for newbies or beginners as it can be super hard for first use and may lead to headaches  and vomiting this strain has medicinal properties which can be the best alternative to allopathy 

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