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Hawaiian Cookies

Hawaiian Cookies

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A sativa-dominant hybrid, Hawaiian Cookies is a product which obtains its parentages from the Hawaiian Snow and Girl Scout Cookies. Hitting the shelves in 2014, it possesses an average of 22% THC content which is moderately high. Amazing for its daytime use, Hawaiian Cookies give a sultry citrus scent which goes well together with its euphoric effect. Although subtly potent, Hawaiian Cookies have a THC level which not even experience user can casually overlook. 


Cultivating Hawaiian Cookies is no joke but with years of experience under our cultivators’ belt, our Hawaiian Cookies are one of a kind. With our meticulous care, our Hawaiian Cookies are reputed and first choice among other stores by our new and regular customers. 


Known for its use, Hawaiian Cookies are best for daylight use. The first taste of our specially grown Hawaiian Cookies will directly affect the place it needs to, giving an uplifting high. Happiness and creativity are its most reputed effects which makes one inspirational making it perfect for doing creative tasks. It also works wonders on those who fight with stress and depression. 

Buy authentic Hawaiian Cookies

Here at Green Leaf Dispensary Store, we produce the best and authentic Hawaiian Cookies in the market. Our Hawaiian Cookies have no comprise in its quality and no one has been disappointed of our Hawaiian Cookies yet. Buy Hawaiian Cookies online here at our website, where you find the best and purest of the market. With our special sale of G-13 Haze, you can now buy this unique product for only 280$.

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