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Lavender Kush

Lavender Kush

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Lavender Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid strain variety made by soma seeds. It is the winner of the 2005 Cannabis cup. The lavender Kush strain has thick buds with purple color leaves that give a spicy and floral scent.  You can grow this plant in the indoor and outdoor place and easy plant for beginner growers. You can get good production in dry conditions. It is good to smoke during the evening as well as night time for medicinal and recreational use. It has earthy, pungent aromas. Once dried, its leaves produce lavender flavor. Also, the THC level of this potent plant is around 18%- 22%.


The first time users will experience high but the experiences cannabis will experience mild euphoria. Lavender Kush uplifts mood, and gives smiley face prompts giggles. It induces your cerebral effects to focus on creative work. It rolls out all your stress whether a big one or small.


It gives peace to your mind, relaxation to your body, and controls body pain and nausea. Patients with a sleeping disorder and appetite problems get relief from this cannabis strain. People suffering from any type of pain for a long time should give a try to this strain to experience immediate relief from chronic pain.

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