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One of the great advances that has marked a milestone in the twentieth century and that will obviously continue to advance in the twenty-first, has been the spectacular development of medicine. Research, new techniques, and also the talent and dedication of professionals such as doctors, pharmacists, and other researchers, have resulted in levels of hope and quality of life that could not even be imagined just a century ago.

The contribution of the chemical industry has been fundamental in many fields, but especially in the field of health. Without chemistry, medicine and surgery would have stalled in practices of the nineteenth century.

In Spain, according to data from the National Cardiology Association, 125,000 people enjoy a better quality of life thanks to a pacemaker made of plastic.

In addition, other products in the health area have plastic as the main component: syringes, contact lenses, prostheses, capsules, pharmaceutical containers, blood and serum bags, gloves, hemodialysis filters, valves, strips, glasses, and even the conditioning of Each of the rooms of a hospital is constructed with plastic materials. In 2001, the hospital sector in Spain consumed more than 83,000 tons of plastics. A simple example is a "catheter" to, for example, introduce through an artery and fix an obstruction, it must be disposable, flexible but firm, and, above all, hygienic.

Cleaning products, gases for assisted breathing, operating room clothing fibers, latex gloves, are only a minimal example of the many objects of chemical origin that we can find in a hospital. If all life is chemical, medicine is even more so.

Checking the issue of food frauds with in the industry requires equipping scientists with the right analytical tools and technologies

Investigating multi-dimensional problems in drug substance development

Finding solutions to the most important challenges faced during drug substance development relies on properly integrating analytical and production expertise

Creating carbon-carbon bonds via transition metal catalysis

Cross-coupling and metathesis reactions are powerful ways of creating carbon-carbon bonds, the crucial links behind most organic compounds

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