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Purple Punch

Purple Punch

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Purple Punch is the most widely used Indica strain over the globe now and quite a mysterious one as well. It gives a light greenish look and beautifully covered with light orange scales, this gives it a very fancy look and makes it more appealing. It has a taste like purple berry. 18% THC.


It affects the user and can propel him into a couch-lock of hours so it is best against insomnia. It is very best for insomniac people because it has a very soothing and relaxing effect. Purple Punch is used to have relief from swear pain, it is as well is of excellent use against chronic pain of the body.


It is of best use for various diseases related to the head and muscle. Purple Punch is also helpful in reducing one's anxiety and depression level. The best of its dose is very influential against back pain. Coming on to the best of use of Purple Punch is of migraine use. Migraine is such a brutal headache that there is not any certain medicine for it, but Purple Punch can cure migraines as well. It grants relief from anxiety depression and nausea.  

Where to Buy Purple Punch Online

You can buy Purple Punch online.  It is very easy to have the product on your door just go to www.greenleafdispensarystore.com to place your order and we will provide Purple Punch. Order online Purple Punch online at Green Leaf Dispensary Store. Purple Punch is put up for online sales. Buy all kinds of strains online at an affordable price.

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