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Nukem Strain

Nukem Strain

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Duke Nukem might be identified after an actor from the video game who invests his days obliterating "alien bastards," however this style is much quite laid back than his namesake adventure hero. The often Sativa combination creates an encouraging effective cognitive boost which may leave you feeling quite innovative than commando. Within 3 months, it is a connection between Chemmando and Chernobyl and the bulbs. The strains are relatively simple to develop the plant, and should produce moderate to strong yields. It is recognized that its flowers are particularly vibrant with variations of frosty pinks and oranges. Be careful not to overdo this variety with Nuken, that is another combination influential in India. 21% THC.


This predominantly Nukem strain becomes appropriate for day time usage which is beneficial for treating headaches and migraines. This can balance mood, and aid to relieve depression and stress. This could also increase hunger and enable individuals with severe tiredness to feel more energized.


Duke Nukem is an excellent day time treatment for tension, depression, headaches, tiredness, mood changes, and appetite loss. The fragrance is a good mix of earthy caramel and exotic impact with skunk-like scented clues. The strain has a delicious taste of mint and lavender and creates a sour taste of citrus. It works very nicely for actors who are having difficulty getting focused.

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