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Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash

Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash

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Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash is prepared by “kif” or by some mild leaves called “habisha”. The taste of honey blonde hash is just like honey, much sweeter in taste and feels like a very smooth taste on the tongue. As the name suggests, its main origin is in Morocco where the premium quality hash is produced. Its colour appears to be dark auburn blonde. It a little aromatic and more flavoured. It is the best resinous hash produced in large quantities. It contains high-quality terpenes and pretty higher amounts of 24% THC. 


It is very strong and potent, gives you high buzz and cerebral highness. Honey Blonde Hash tends to reduce anxiety and depression. It helps reduce inflammation, stimulate appetite and increase weight gain. It gets you very high. It also affects muscle by tightening them in patients suffering from sclerosis.


They can be used by smoking, by adding them your edibles, by vape pens, rolling into joints and dabbing them. After exhaling the smoke, you can feel a fascinating taste in your taste buds. If it is used in lower quantities, it is strong enough to get high. If used in higher amounts, they help you get to sleep.

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