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Liberty Haze

Liberty Haze

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Liberty haze is a member of cannabis family it is not just typical indica sativa hybrid  this strain has won several awards which means it has some qualities that other strain lacks it is a fast flowering  strain that displays both indica and sativa properties it grows around the length of 100 cm and somewhat bushy like which makes is good choice to cultivate if you have less space in your home or balcony it takes around 8 to 9 weeks to grow  and shows red and purple like colours in its last stages of growth. 


Its 60% dominant and contains 25% THC value and strong citrusy flavour in it this strain  induces creative , happy , euphoric feeling it may also help to cure some medical symptoms like depression , stress , fatigue , pain and anxiety  however the effects may vary depending upon the situation and person to person 


Liberty haze contains strong  citrusy and floral scent which makes it perfect for smoking it can provide good highs and light headed feel however it should be used in moderation because it has certain side effects like dry mouth , dry eyes  you can also use liberty haze for cultivation as it’s a good strain for cultivating in indoors due to its short bushy size 

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