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Arizonan Western Light Purp

Arizonan Western Light Purp

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Arizonan western light purp cannabis strain is a 50 50 balanced hybrid of Indica and Sativa. It has 25% high TCH content which gives it a strong smoke giving users couch-lock effects if smoked for a little long. It smells like spicy pine and while smoking it tastes like grapefruit giving it sweet taste which users love its trees are generally tall with long narrow leaves you can see purple hairs and crystal coating across the neon green. 


Arizonan western strain is one of the hardest strain in cannabis family which gives strong effect while smoking leaving its users couch-locked in its high effect this strain should not be consumed by new smokers as it can be left them stoned for long hours and can cause headaches this remedy is effective in alleviating stress, pain, and chronic disease.  


This strain is hard-core which can be used for parties or smoking if you want to feel true nirvana.  It is mostly used for cultivation purposes because when it comes to harvesting this crop is the perfect one it takes around 8 to 10 weeks for flowering this is suitable mostly in indoor conditions Arizonan western is a medium-sized plant which gives moderate to high yields . in order to grow this strain you must possess some basic cultivation skills.

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