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Grape Ape Strain

Grape Ape Strain

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Grape Ape is an Indica dominant hybrid strain of Afghani and Mendocino Purps Skunk. Because of its intense grapefruit flavor, it is named as Grape Ash. It is popular for its relaxing effects that help in treating anxiety, stress, and pain. Thick buds with purple color leaves become darken during the full maturation period of the Grape Ape plant. The unique look, tasty, and different flavor of this cannabis strain gives high potent that makes it a favorite option among users. Like the grapefruit, this strain has purple color buds and green color leaves. 


As the name goes, it has grape, berry, fruity flavor with the touch of sweet flavor. The moderate 18-21% of the THC level of this strain makes it potent but not over powerful. It gives high buzz on your entire body that delivers sleeping and relaxing effects. It is well-suited for night time use due to its comatose effect. The Sativa-like quality of this strain has a high head that results in a euphoric and focused mind.


It is a great tool for treating various health problems including sleeping problems, stress, depression, and anxiety. It helps in calming your muscle cramps. People facing pain either chronic or temporary ache can benefit from this strain since it has a soothing effect.

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