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Ice Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Ice Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Buy Ice Feminized Cannabis Seeds Online

This Indica dominant hybrid if formed through a fusion of pure Afghan, Northern Lights and Skunk.Having a Indica – Sativa ratio of 90%-10%, this feminized strain are characterized by its pungent spicy taste. It has a sweet resinous flavour with a hit of gasoline. These are crystallized with frosty, sticky and thickly-coated trichromes. The plants are shorter and bushier with a high flower to leaf ratio. Plants grow indoors and outdoors and the flowering time ranges between 7-9 weeks. It has a medium THC composition of 14-17% and a low CBD of 0.1-1 %


It produces powerful and long-lasting euphoria. This is helpful for mood-lifting and increasing the appetite. Few puffs have the capacity to release your stress after a tedious day at work. If you want to chill out while enjoying a movie or a video game this can be the best option for you.

The soothing effect is also helpful for insomniacs. 


This weed can be smoked or vaped. This produces dense smoke. It is ideally smoked during the night due its couch-locking effects.This is recommended for experienced users as novice users may find it difficult to deal with the heavy smoke.

Where to buy Ice Feminized Cannabis Seeds Online?

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