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Afghani Hawaiian Strain

Afghani Hawaiian Strain

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Like most of the hybrid strains, the Afghani Hawaiian strain is a mostly Indica strain variety grown in the indoor and outdoor climate. This strain is a cross hybrid of Lavender and UK Cheese strains. Like its parent, Afghani Hawaiian has a floral and fruity aroma.  People facing medical problems can use this strain to enjoy its medicinal benefits. Afghani Hawaiian strain has a subtle cheesy and sweet flavor like its ancestors UK Cheese strain. You can experience an earthy aroma when breaking up the strain bud.


Its unique attributes produce calming effects for the whole body and mind. Though it is used for medical values, 22% THC of this strain delivers mind high, strong psychedelic effects which are attracted by users for recreational purpose. The psychedelic effects give high energy and enthusiasm that remove your tired immediately.


Users of this delicious strain feel hungry, so it is good to have some food prepared when smoking this cannabis strain. Overdose of the strain may have difficulty in standing and makes the users sit and relax. It is a good strain option for treating health problems like depression, stress, insomnia, pain, and anxiety. Instead of taking sleeping pills, Afghani Hawaiian can make you sleep better.

Where to Buy Afghani Hawaiin Strain Online?

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