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Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush

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Absolute Indica strain possessing its roots in the land of Pakistan extended to Afghanistan actually a mountain range is full of this strain and gets its name from that mountain range, Hindu Kush. It has a very harsh climate and due to that have a very thick smoke. Citrus is a dominant mood and with the touch of pine its earthly odor smells more impressive. 19% THC. 


The Hindu Kush has very relaxing and soothing effects. It sets the body into a couch-lock and the whole body is stuck to immobilization. Effects the mood and lift it up, the mood is something which could decide your day and if you have dosed your day with a bit of Hindu Kush then it will maketh your whole day a very exiting one. It also affects the mind along with the body and increases the remembering capability. The Hindu Kush impels to think in a creative fashion. It has some disturbing effects as well as it creates dry mouth for a long time. It also induces paranoia and distorted news.


The Hindu Kush is used to cure swear pain in any part of the body. Fights well with anxiety and overcome every type of depressive feeling in a hint of time. It calms the body and throws every sense of fatigue out of the body. It also prevents the un-comfort of nausea.

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