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Mountain Man Peanut Butter Cup

Mountain Man Peanut Butter Cup

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Our classical Mountain Man peanut butter cups are the Cannabis/weed-infused products that fall into the category of Marijuana Edibles. These buttercups are enjoyed because they have long-term and extended effects. They have 160-170% THC content in them. They’re chocolate induced products, which give them an amazing, delicious, and enjoyable flavor. For our chocolate lover fans, these are our amazing products for you!


Mountain man Peanut Butter cups are suitable for those patients, who are restricted to smoking and cannot take medicines. You can enjoy them anytime you want, but surely in limited or smaller amounts. These Marijuana edibles show their effects after 3-4 of eating and can extend to 8-9 hours. These sweet and delicious edibles either speed-up your metabolism or slow it down, depending upon the amount you uptake. You can enjoy our no sugar butter cups for pain easing after a hectic day.


The ingredients for making them are quite less. We only require Canna Butter, chocolate butter, cannabis oil, peanut butter, and some wheat. We only make hand-crafted buttercups. Cannabutter and peanut butter are first combined together and microwaved, followed by the addition of wheat and a little sugar and milk. These are all combined in little cups.

Where to buy?

Our online store Green Leaf Dispensary Store. is well known for selling best-handcrafted products with a sweet taste. We use fresh and indoors ingredients for our customers. We assure you of the products, which you will really enjoy. Buy Mountain Man Peanut Butter Cups from our website www.greenleafdispensarystore.com online. You can buy your favorite products at reasonable prices with fast delivery.

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