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Moroc Caramello

Moroc Caramello

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Moroc Caramello is a hash Product that has no THC and cannabinoids in it. It weighs about 5-6 grams. It has a sweet and aromatic flavor hence the name Caramello. Its consistency is a little thick but has recently been improved. It is usually used to relieve pain, and most importantly for treating anxiety, insomnia, and depression, thus relaxing your body. It heals muscle and stomach cramps. For the patients of older age, it is mostly avoided by them. For pregnant women, it can transfer to baby, therefore it is not recommended. 


Moroc Caramello is a super high product, relaxing your soul, getting you high to a greater extent. It gives you Euphoria rich feelings and relaxes your muscles. It provides you cerebral high and spins your head giving hangovers. It helps to reduce anxiety and depression. It tends to reduce inflammation, stimulate appetite, and increase weight gain. It gets you very high.


It can be consumed through vaping, smoking, dabbing, bong, pipes, etc. When you smoke bubble hash, you will notice that there are no hangover effects because it is solventless. The best way to use is by Dabbing, through dabbing, the concentration of terpenes can be preserved so that you can enjoy for flavor.

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