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Black Mamba

Black Mamba

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Black Mamba is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that offers a lot of medical benefits to users. It gets the name Black Mamba because of a poisonous African snake to highlight the user about the strong effects of this strain. Though the exact genetic background of this strain is not known, it possesses the characteristics which exhibit it might be the cross between Black Domina and Granddaddy Purple. The THC value of this strain ranges between 13% and 25% makes it suitable for growing indoor as well as outdoor place. Because of its origin from different cannabis strains, it gives sweet, pine, woody, and fruity fragrance. Smokers like to take a puff of this strain due to the touch of berry flavor.


The Indica rich Black Mamba delivers mind-bending, euphoric effects. Black Mamba users recommend this strain for new users because of its long-lasting effects. The uplift feeling when smoking Black Mamba calms the users and makes them into a deep relaxation state. Trippy effect of this strain gives happiness and enjoyment during party time.


Black Mamba is highly popular for its medical uses. It helps smokers to solve their depression problems. The relaxing effect of this cannabis strain fades away depression completely. Apart from this, you can get relief from anxiety, sleeplessness, stress, appetite, and pain.

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