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Sweet Dutch

Sweet Dutch

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Sweet Dutch also known as Dutch treat belongs to India family with the content of ( 80% India and 20% Sativa ) its THC levels are around 16% to 18% as per users review it is said that it provides uplifting rush head that leaves its users focused and releasing happy hormones known as dopamine which makes the person feel happy and excited sweet dutch has a fluffy olive coloured bud shaped like popcorn which provides taste and aroma of earthy pine and on exhaling it sweetens up its taste making it not so hard like some strains.


This sweet dessert has some sweet effects on its users it calms the mood and provides good relaxation right after some puffs making it the best strain to consume after a tiring day at the job. It hacks the brain and decreases all the stress-causing hormones like cortisol and gives a boost of dopamine which makes one's mood light and joyful and cures anxiety, headaches, and mood swings 


This is strain is mostly used for smoking due to its sweet aroma and flavor making it favorite for cannabis lovers this thing is moderately strong, therefore, newbies can also enjoy this heavenly strain its seeds can be used to cultivate this strain at your own place this crop is good for cultivation because is yielded large and it supports both indoor and outdoor conditions and starts flowering within 8 weeks of time 

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