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K-Train Feminized Seeds

K-Train Feminized Seeds


Buy K-Train Feminized Seeds Online

This Indica dominant hybrid combines Indica and Sativa genetics. K-Train Feminized is an interesting combination of Kush with Trainwreck. Ideally, a pack contains 5 seeds. Being easy-growing, this strain is popular with novice growers. It has a short flowering period. This can be grown both indoors and outdoors. For outdoors it is imperative to have a sunny and tropical climate. The plants are sturdy and bushy. The buds are resinous. The plants can tolerate extreme weather conditions and can grow in very cold temperatures. 

It tastes sweet with an earthy and spicy note. It has a pungent earthy odor with a peppery, flowery, and woody hint.


produces a cerebral high and makes you invigorated, creative, and focussed at the same time. It produces a relaxing effect on both body and mind and soothes the muscles hence it is also used for treating chronic pains. Due to the sedating properties, doctors recommend it to patients suffering from insomnia.


This weed can be easy-smoked and can also be vaped. It is smooth on the throats and lungs and does not induce cough. This is more popularly consumed during the night as it may make you couch-locked.

Where to buy K-Train Feminized Seeds Online?

The best quality seeds are available in our online store for sale at www.greenleafdispensarystore.com. The seeds can be preserved for later. There are no hidden charges and debit cards can be used while making payment Products are tested so that fresh and finest strains are delivered at your doorstep. Call us for more information.

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