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Indoor Mix Feminized Seeds

Indoor Mix Feminized Seeds


Buy Indoor Mixed Feminized Seeds Online

These are mixed cannabis strains which is a Sativa- Indica hybrid. This feminized strain and Indica- dominant hybrid has around 75% Indica component. This can contain strains like White Widow, Big Bud, Northern Lights and Skunk# 1, all in feminized versions. The 100% female seeds make them a popular choice for top breeders. The plants thrive outside in warm climatic conditions. This can also be grown indoors. This has a photoperiod flowering type and the flowering cycle is shorter . The flowers grow in around 7-9 weeks. This can be cultivated easily and a variety of strains can be produced. The seeds can be harvested and flowered at the same time.


It produces deep narcotic and stable .It also provides relaxation. Due to their high robust nature, this is also suitable for novice users. It can produce a sophoric effect if consumed in larger quantity


This can be smoked or vaped.

Where to buy Indoor Mixed Feminized Seeds Online?

We have quality seeds available for sale at our online store at www.greenleafdispensarystore.com. The seeds are subjected to a reliability test and the damaged ones are destroyed. Average germination rate remains at 95%. The seeds are gefrigerated and kept at an optimized humidity to maintain their freshness.if you refrigerate the seeds 80% of the seeds will still germinate after 5 years. We do the assortment to provide top-quality seeds. There are no hidden charges and debit card can be used while making payment Products are delivered at your doorstep. Call us for more information.

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