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Kurupt’s Moonrocks

Kurupt’s Moonrocks

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Buy Kurupt’s Moonrocks Online

Kurupt’s Moonrock also named “Moonrock” is delicious cannabis of Girl Scout cookies, poured in co2 oil which is coated again with a thick layer of ‘kief’. The unique blending of Co2 oil and kief leads to high THC of 52% to offer tremendous benefits to users. Kurupt’s Moonrock is an Indica dominant strain with 70% India and 30 % Sativa. It is highly recommended for experienced cannabis users since it delivers powerful effects. Kurupt’s Moonrock for sale is available now. Buy this cannabis immediately to treat your adverse medical problem. 


You can experience the high head hard immediately after smoking this celestial strain. High on your head boosts cerebral effects that elated your mind before reaching on your body. Euphoric and sedated effects may lock you in a couch to bring up calm and peaceful sleep. 


Kurupt’s Moonrock is the perfect smoking option for treating muscle cramps and spasms, insomnia, appetite loss, headache, and chronic illness. It releases earth nutty flavor combines with a minute sweetness from the Co2 oil. The fragrance is breezy with overdone sweet earth and accented spicy dark. The little dose of Moonrock works well to relieve your pain, nausea, and improves craving.

Where to Buy Kurupt's Moonrocks Online?

You can visit our online store www.greenleafdispensarystore.com to enjoy the latest benefits of buying cannabis strain including Moonrock bud. It is 100% organic. Our Kurupt’s Moonrock strain product will help you go on high so complete your daily work before smoking this heavenly cannabis and get ready to feel its effects.

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